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“Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Woods?” exhibition opens this week at the Arts Corridor in UHG

Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Woods?” an exhibition by Galway artist Maev Lenaghan opens this week at the Arts Corridor in University Hospital Galway and runs until 15 March.
The exhibition encompasses a journey through the snow, through dusky wilderness and charcoal forest, providing an encounter with a natural world. There is plenty to stimulate the senses as the adventure moves from the forest to a series of interiors. A cast of characters appear in and out of various narratives. This is a quietly colourful exhibition that encourages the imagination, enticing the audience to project their own ideas and make their own connection to the images.
Artist Maev Leneghan said: “As a species our strength lies in communities, in imagination and communication and most of us live removed from wild nature. I create images that value both the richness of our interior lives and our thirst for wider horizons. My paintings, drawings and etchings are a reminder of humankind’s exuberance in the face of an impassive and insensible wilderness.”
Margaret Flannery, Arts Director at Galway University Hospitals commented; “When programming an exhibition for the hospital community we seek to find an exhibition that is accessible and will engage the hospital community. Maev’s work forms a narrative that invites the viewer to use their own imagination to weave together the visual threads to form their own story.”
The exhibition runs daily until March 15, all work is for sale and members of the public are welcome.
“A Merry Note”, an oil painting in the exhibition.