Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to provide high quality and equitable services for all by delivering care based on excellence in clinical practice, teaching, and research, grounded in kindness, compassion and respect, whilst developing our staff and becoming a model employer.

  • Washing your hands regularly is the single most effective way of stopping the spread of many common infections.
  • Some infections found in healthcare facilities - like hospitals -can be very serious and sometimes fatal. We can help stop the spread of these infections by making sure that healthcare workers, patients and visitors all make sure that their hands are clean.
  • Visitors should wash their hands thoroughly before entering or leaving the inpatient area, or after a visit to the toilet.
  • Remember, clean hands save lives and stop the spread of many infections.

Saolta operates a strict No Smoking Policy. Our aim is to promote a healthy environment for everyone in our hospitals. This includes patients, visitors and staff and includes buildings, building entrances, and vehicles.

Our patients should feel confident that we provide safe, effective and compassionate care in the best possible environment. An essential element is providing clear information which is easily accessed by our patients, staff, visitors and colleagues to our hospitals.


- Saolta University Health Care Group