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MUH Patient and Family Engagement

MUH Patient and Family Engagement Committee  

" Nothing about me without me "

Patient and Family Engagement has been an integral part of Mayo University Hospital over the last number of years. We have an active council of Patient and Family Experience Advisors who work alongside staff to bring the perspectives and lived experiences of patients and families directly into the planning, delivery and evaluation of care. 

Video: Rachel Bracken, Patient Experience Advisor in MUH

The patient is the expert on the quality of the service they received, and on how their illness impacts on their daily life and that of their family. This expertise can provide the hospital with a wealth of information. Patient Experience Advisors sit on a number of key committees and project groups within the hospital and bring their experience and ideas to these areas. They also share their experiences of care with student doctors, nurses and other staff, and thus enhance the quality of health professional education. 

Our hospital was the first in the country to undertake this venture back in 2016 and we are proud to have continued this collaboration with our Patient Experience Advisors since then despite the challenges Covid brought.

We are now excited to develop this further through a new dedicated role working in Patient Engagement & Partnership Improvement, Ciara McLaughlin. 

Ciara Mc Loughlin, Patient Engagement
and Partnership Improvement Coordinator

“My role works to facilitate patient engagement & partnership in order to bring about meaningful initiatives and improvements. I lead on the recruitment and support to our Hospital Volunteer Team and Patient & Family Experience Council, in partnership with our excellent existing Advisors and Lead Volunteer.

I will be facilitating training sessions for staff which will include Communication, Open Disclosure, Engagement and Quality & Patient Safety. I also work to capture feedback from patients and themes coming from complaints to address any improvement requirements or to recognise excellence within the hospital.”

This is part of an overall hospital plan to achieve an on-going culture of Quality Improvement and to enhance the experience of patients and their families.

Roadmap for Organisational Excellence, from the bedside to management team (PowerPoint Presentation)

To learn more about the Patient and Family Engagement initiative please download our Patient and Family Engagement Booklet 2023 or watch the video below. 

The National Patient Experience Survey

The National Patient Experience Survey is a nationwide survey asking people for feedback about their stay in hospital. Please click here to download The 2022 National Patient Experience Survey Results for Mayo University Hospital.