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Pharmacy Department

Hospital Location: 
Mayo University Hospital
094 9042191


Our pharmacy department purchases, stores and supplies all medicines and drugs used within the hospital and the Sacred Heart Home and provides information on them. Our pharmacists also advise on the safe and effective use of these medicines and drugs for patients.  The department uses a multi-skilled approach with clinical, technical and support staff playing an important part in the provision of all the services.

The main services that our pharmacy department provides:

  • Aseptics
    • Mayo University Hospital has a busy oncology and haematology service. The pharmacy has an Aseptic Compounding Unit (ACU) where all the injectable chemotherapy for patients in the hospital is prepared.
  • Clinical pharmacy
    • Our clinical pharmacists work closely with doctors, nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure that patient medication regimens are effective and safe.  They play a key role in monitoring and reviewing patients and their medication and in providing education where appropriate. We also, if required, liaise with community pharmacy colleagues and GPs before admission and after discharge where staffing resources allow.
  • Dispensary
    • The dispensary service is responsible for ensuring the purchase and management of prompt, safe and cost-effective medicines including the distribution of patient medicines to hospital wards and clinical areas.
  • Medication safety
    Medication management and patient safety are very important to us. A medication safety pharmacist, along with the medication safety and drugs and therapeutic committee, work to promote safe medication practices in our hospital. Our staff voluntarily report medication incidents, which allows us to detect and correct any errors in the medication-use system.


          Contact us on 094 9042191, 2192