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Hospital Appointments

How Your Appointment to a Clinic is Made
You attend the Outpatients Department by appointment.  The appointment is arranged by either your GP or a Consultant.  He/she will send a referral letter to the relevant specialist.
Your appointment will be sent to your home address and will include the date, time and Consultant’s name. 
It is important that you give adequate notice by telephone (091) 524222 or in writing if you are unable to attend so that your appointed time can be assigned to another person.  A further appointment date will be sent to you by post if your request to be re-booked.
First Visit
Please bring the following:
Your notification letter or appointment card
Medical Card
Details of your current medication or their containers
Please note that you may have to register at one location and attend your appointment at a different location.
Suggestions that may help during your appointment
  • Please have no more than1 relative accompanying you as seating is limited.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes (this will help you to undress more easily if required).
  • If you wear glasses or use a hearing aid please bring them with you.
  • If required a wheelchair is available on request from reception.
  • Have a meal before leaving home unless told to fast.
Attending the Outpatient Clinic
You are requested to be punctual but please do not arrive any earlier than 30 minutes before your appointment time.
The time stated on your appointment card is the check-in time.  Every effort will be made to ensure that waiting times are as brief as possible, but in some cases delays may be unavoidable.
When you arrive at the Outpatients Department, you will be greeted by reception staff who will register you.  On completion of your registration you will be handed a coloured, numbered card.
You will be directed to the main waiting area, however you may be asked to proceed immediately to your clinic.
Patients are called via the intercom system by numbered and colour of card to their respective clinics so please listen carefully for your details.
In University Hospital Galway it is important that your take note of the floor number that your clinic is being held.  A lift is situation opposite the stairs for patients who wish to use it.
In University Hospital Galway on arrival at your relevant clinic, make your way to the reception area on that floor.  Before taking a seat in the waiting area your must hand up the following:
  • Coloured, numbered card
  • Appointment card or letter
You will be called by name for consultation with your doctor.
Procedures/Tests Prior to Consultation
Various tests may be required by the Consultant before you are seen e.g. blood pressure, weight/height, urine test, blood test etc.
There is a possibility of you being asked to attend other departments for other tests e.g. x-ray, cardiac tests.  This will increase your time spent at the clinic.
You will be fully informed by the attending nurse if you require any of these tests.
On completion of your consultation, the doctor will indicate if a further appointment or investigation is required, if this is the case please check with the receptionist to receive a follow up appointment.
Specialist Nurses
Specialist Nurse services are provided, details are available from staff.
Clinics Cancelled
Occasionally, for reasons outside the hospital’s control, outpatient clinics have to be cancelled.  Every effort will be made to give you adequate notice of the cancellation.  You will automatically be given a new appointment date and time.
A public telephone is located in the main Outpatients Department foyer.  A free phone taxi telephone is also available.
Refreshments/ATM etc.
  • Coffee shop
  • Hospital Canteen serving lunch
  • Vending machines.
  • In UHG there is an ATM and phone top up facility located at the shop area.
Educational Leaflets
Patients are invited to read and take home educational leaflets provided free of charge.
No Smoking Policy
Galway University Hospitals are Smoke Free Hospitals. 
Smoking is forbidden by law.
Your View Counts
We aim to provide the very best of care possible.  You can help us by letting us know of any problems encountered by contacting the Complaints Officer, Galway University Hospitals, Newcastle Road, Galway.
Mobile Phones
We ask that you talk quietly and keep ring tones to a minimum level, out of courtesy to other people, particularly in ward and clinic areas.   You must not use your mobile in critical care units, intensive care units and theatres.