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Children's Remembrance Day Committee invites Parents to Special Remembrance Mass

Paediatrics Department Remembrance Garden GUH - Children of Lir statue by John Behan

University Hospital Galway’s Children's Remembrance Day Committee invites Parents to include their Loved Ones in a Special Mass of Remembrance

The Children's Remembrance Day Committee, University Hospital Galway is inviting parents and their families who have experienced the death of a child before birth, shortly after birth or at a later stage to remember their loved ones in a special Mass of Remembrance, which will take place at the Church of Mary Immaculate Queen in Barna on the 7th of June 2015.

The theme of this year’s mass is ‘renewal’. Chairperson Margaret Duignan commented, “the death of a child no matter what age is the most traumatic experience that can occur in a family.”

The Children’s Remembrance Day Committee was formed 19 years ago. Every year a special Mass takes place for those who have died and the Books of Remembrance will be available for viewing after Mass.

Families are welcome to join other families tea and refreshments after mass. If you would like further information on the Special Children's Remembrance Day Mass, please contact Margaret Duignan or Susan Massey. Margaret can be contacted on 091 523206 or Susan on 091 635302.