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Sligo Regional Hospital undergoes Operation Transformation

Sligo Regional Hospital is biggest loser!
Operation Transformation goes to work on staff at Sligo Regional Hospital

More than 50 staff took part in a fully supported 'Operation Transformation' programme over an 8 week period in Sligo Regional Hospital. The programme, which ran alongside the television series, was led by staff from smoking cessation/health promotion and dietetics department within the hospital and was fully supported by experts both from within the hospital and from the community. A total of 26 staff members completed the entire 8 week programme, resulting in a total weight loss of 12 stone and 9 pounds.

Each participant received an individual assessment by dietitians at the outset of the programme, which included weight, waist measurement and BMI recording. Individual record cards were distributed and anticipated weight loss and actual weight loss per week were recorded. Each week, participants were encouraged to partake in weekly sessions which took place in the hospital, including Zumba dance classes, circuit training and motivational speakers who shared their advice and tips. The hospital canteen staff created a healthy options menu to coincide with the programme, inspiring healthy meal choices for participants and the greater hospital staff.

The programme was supported by personal trainers, dietitians and a style coach, who all committed their own personal time to conduct one-to-one consultations with the participants. Such support from the community added to the overall sense of support and achievement experienced by the staff. This is the first time such a programme has been offered to staff by the hospital. The positive feedback, improved staff morale and overall sense of well-being engendered by the programme may see it become a regular occurrence.

The prizes for 'The Biggest Loser' was sponsored by local businesses including Life hair & beauty, Carrig Don, Clarion gym , Strollers and Bistro Bianconi. There were four prizes presented and the first prize was presented to Staff Nurse Mairead Grimes.

“This has had an enormously positive affect on our team”, according to General Manager Grainne Mc Cann “The overall sense of self awareness, well being and teamwork has been enhanced as a result of implementing such a supportive, inclusive programme. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the programme, along with those from the community who gave of their own personal time to encourage and support our team throughout the 8 week programme. We look forward to repeating the programme next year.”