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Some Visiting Restrictions due to COVID-19 Outbreak in Sligo University Hospital

Members of the public are being urged to stay vigilant and keep up their guard against COVID-19 especially if visiting hospitals.

As Sligo University Hospital (SUH) continues to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak, visitors are being asked to be mindful of patient and staff safety when attending.

Visiting restrictions are in place in areas of the hospital impacted by the outbreak. Sligo University Hospital is facilitating patient visiting in all areas of the hospital not affected by the outbreak in line with national guidance.

In accordance with the Health Protection Surveillance Centre guidelines, an Outbreak Control Team has been convened at SUH and is working with Public Health and Occupational Health to manage the response to a COVID-19 outbreak at the hospital. An outbreak in a healthcare setting is called when there are two or more positive cases.

The hospital facilitates one visitor per inpatient each day between 6pm to 8pm. Only one visit per patient per day can be facilitated at the present time. Visits must be pre-arranged by family members / visitors, who should contact the relevant ward or Unit in advance. Visitors are required to complete a screening checklist regarding COVID-19, prior to visiting the hospital.

Sligo University Hospital is also requesting that where possible, approved visitors will have received a COVID-19 vaccination, in order to minimise the risk to patients.

It is also recommended that children do not visit the hospitals, unless agreed in advance on compassionate grounds, with the ward / Unit manager.

Grainne McCann, General Manager of Sligo University Hospital urged people to take every precaution when visiting. “We are asking our local community to be mindful of the safety of our patients and staff. Please follow all guidelines when attending at our hospitals. Levels of COVID-19 remain very high in our communities and in the hospital. If visiting the hospital, staying vigilant and cautious will help us to lower that risk.”

People are asked to be particularly vigilant if attending Sligo University Hospital for appointments or as a visitor.

Please be mindful of others when attending SUH and to follow all guidelines.

  • Do not attend if you are showing any symptoms.
  • Do not visit patients if you are a close contact of a COVID-19 case.
  • If attending follow all the public health guidance; wash your hands, wear a mask and socially distance.


The article above is specific to the following Saolta hospitals:: 
Sligo University Hospital (SUH)