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Haemochromatosis Information Day at Roscommon Hospital

The Medical Day Service at Roscommon Hospital is organising an information afternoon at the hospital on Wednesday 05 June from 2pm to 5pm at the Urgent Care Centre to advise members of the public of Haemochromatosis and treatment available and to mark National Haemochromatosis Day which falls on 06 June.
Haemochromatosis is a hereditary condition where excessive amounts of iron are absorbed from the diet and may lead to damage to organs in the body. It is also referred to as the Celtic disease as the condition is more prevalent in Ireland than anywhere else in the world; approximately 1% of the Irish population has haemochromatosis with fatigue as the most common symptom. Other symptoms may include joint pain, irregular heartbeat or abdominal pain. If unrecognised, long term iron overload and organ damage can in some cases be fatal. It is very easy to diagnose using a simple blood test to determine iron levels and the treatment is straightforward and effective.
Caitriona Rayner, Clinical Nurse Manager of the Medical Day Service at Roscommon Hospital is urging people to attend the information afternoon.  She says, “As this condition is more prevalent in Ireland than anywhere else in the world, it is important that people are informed of the condition and treatment. The condition is genetic and if both parents are carriers (about 1 in 25 couples), on average a quarter of the children will develop Haemochromatosis, half will be carriers and a quarter will not be affected.
“At the information day, we aim to provide advice for people who live with this condition and to those who are interested in finding out more. The information day will be of great interest and benefit to the people of Roscommon and surrounding areas.”
The information afternoon is free of charge and everyone is welcome!