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Information Day in UHG for National No Smoking Day on Ash Wednesday

To mark National No Smoking Day, Galway University Hospitals is hosting an information day on quitting smoking from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday 13 February in the main foyer of UHG.
The information day is open to members of the public and will include free carbon monoxide checks and details on how to avail of the stop smoking service at the hospital.
An information stand will be set up inside the main entrance of the hospital and Irene O’Byrne, Smoking Cessation Advisor at the hospital will be available to answer any questions on the day.
Irene encourages everyone who is interested in quitting smoking to avail of the free stop smoking service at the hospital. She says, “If you are a smoker, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health. There are over 4000 chemicals in every cigarette and at least 55 are known to cause cancer. Smoking damages the natural cleaning and repair system in the lungs and traps the cancer-causing chemicals in the lungs. This damage to the lungs puts you at risk of a number of diseases including lung cancer and COPD
“COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a general term for a number of chronic lung disorders including bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic airway disease. It is estimated that 440,000 people in Ireland suffer from COPD and the most common cause of COPD is smoking.
“Lung cancer is the commonest cause of cancer death in men and women. In fact lung cancer kills more people than do the next three common cancers combined. About 1650 people in Ireland die from lung cancer every year; smoking cigarettes is by far the biggest risk factor and is responsible for 90% of cases.
“8 out of 10 smokers are trying to quit. Of those who have quit, just over a third (35%) quit on their first attempt and overall half succeed after their second attempt. The trick is to keep trying.”
The GUH stop smoking service can be contacted by calling (091) 542103 for free advice and information.
Photo Details:
Irene O’Byrne, Smoking Cessation Advisor, GUH showing a member of the public the amount of tar that is in a year’s worth of cigarettes.