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New Family Rooms for the friends and family of patients in the ICU at Galway University Hospitals

The two family rooms in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in University Hospital Galway have been recently refurbished for use by the families of those who have loved ones receiving treatment in the unit. The refurbishment of these rooms was carried out by Máire Ní Bhriain and the family and friends of her late daughter, Sadhbh Ní Bhrádaigh.
The rooms have been named ‘Suaimhneas’ (Comfort) and ‘Tearmann  Shaidhbh' (Sadhbh's Sanctuary) in memory of Sadhbh, an 18 year-old student from Oranmore who died from Pneumococcal Meningitis on Christmas night 2009.  Máire, Sadhbh’s Mother spoke of the background to the project,  “We set up a trust called 'Spiorad Shaidhbh' to honour her memory through fundraising and organising small acts of kindness that will improve the lives of others in the local community in which we live. These small acts of kindness are called 'Sadhbh’s Wish List' and we hope to fulfil one wish a year of the next five years".
“The aim of Wish Number One was to refurbish the existing family rooms in the ICU into a more comfortable environment where family and friends could rest while caring for a loved one. This is a time when a comfortable peaceful environment can help ease the stress and strain on the patient's family.
“We, her family and friends, had cause to avail of these rooms at a very sad and difficult time in our lives and, after Sadhbh’s death, made a commitment to make them more comfortable for other families like ourselves who need or wish to stay close to their loved ones.
“We are delighted to officially open these rooms here today and hope, as the room names suggest, that they will provide comfort and sanctuary to all who find themselves awaiting news of a loved one in ICU.
“We would like at this time to acknowledge the generosity of family, friends, most especially Louise Carmody of the Diabetic and Pregnancy Clinic in UHG for her stalwart work and support throughout the project, and the wider community who contributed to the fundraising to help us fulfil Wish Number One.
“Most of the other four wishes on Sadhbh's List pertain to the community in Oranmore, in which she lived for the last years of her life. These wishes will aim in future years to support different sectors of community life in the village and environs such as Senior citizens, Youth, the Irish language and especially the Aoibhe Carroll Trust (ACT for Meningitis) founded by Siobhán and Noel Carroll in memory of their beloved Aoibhe who died from Meninigitis in 2008. Our greatest wish is that the ethos of Spiorad Shaidhbh will reflect the good hearted nature of the young woman who inspired the founding of the trust in the first place, Sadhbh."
Photo details:
At the opening of the refurbished family rooms in the Intensive Care Unit, Galway University Hospitals, which was carried out by Máire Ní Bhriain and the family and friends of her late daughter, Sadhbh Ní Bhrádaigh, from left: Máire Ní Bhriain; Dr Patrick Neligan, Consultant Anaesthetist, ICU; Macha Ní Bhrádaigh, sister of Sadhbh; Siobhán Carroll from ACT for Meningitis (Aoibhe Carroll Trust); and Jean Kelly, Director of Nursing and Midwifery, GUH.