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Portiuncula Hospital Ballinasloe receives re-acreditation under WHO/UNICEF Initiative

Portiuncula Hospital staff receiving re-accreditation from Dr Genevieve Becker

Portiuncula Hospital Ballinasloe has recently been reaccredited under a World Health Organisation (WHO) / United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Initiative which is given to organisations who provide high levels of infant feeding care, with a particular emphasis on breastfeeding. Portiuncula Hospital was the first organisation in Ireland to achieve this Accreditation in 2004.

The accreditation was presented to the hospital this week by Dr Genevieve Becker, National Coordinator of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Ireland.

Commenting Mary Mahon Clinical Midwife Specialist in Breastfeeding/Lactation at Portiuncula Hospital said, “Implementing and maintaining these standards ensure a supportive environment where mothers are enabled to get off to a good start with breastfeeding. Mothers who cannot breastfeed or who make an informed choice not to breastfeed are equally supported in their infant feeding choice, and staff are supported to provide high standards of care”.     

“This initiative works with the healthcare system to ensure a high standard of care for all, pregnant women, mothers and infants. Each mother’s decision on how she feeds her baby is a personal choice, however because of the ramifications of her decision on her babies health as well as her own, every mother who visits our organisation as a patient or visitor deserves evidence based information, guidance and support with this decision,” added Mary Mahon.

Commenting Chris Kane, General Manager Portiuncula Hospital said, “The success of the initiative at Portiuncula is attributed to the great commitment of  our multidisciplinary staff who provide a high quality service to local families with a consistent message about the importance of infant feeding.  It is our aim to ensure all mothers have the appropriate information and knowledge regarding breastfeeding”.

Pictured is Chris Kane, General Manager Portiuncula Hospital receiving re-accreditation plaque on behalf of hospital staff from Dr Genevieve Becker.