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Statement by Dr Pat Nash, Group Clinical Director, West/North West Hospitals Group

The following is a Statment by Group Clinical Director, Dr. Pat Nash, in repsonse to recomments from Dr. Sherif Sultan.
"The views on the use of statins recently published by Dr Sherif Sultan and Dr Niamh Hynes are not representative of the views of University Hospital Galway (UHG) or the West/North West Hospitals Group.
As Group Clinical Director of the West/North West Hospitals Group, and a working cardiologist in UHG, I wish to reassure patients that statins are safe. These are very important, well-validated drugs for the treatment of elevated cholesterol. We have extensive evidence to show their benefit and to show that they improve outcomes for patients with heart disease and stroke and that they have a role in preventing heart disease and stroke.
As always, if patients have any concerns, they should not discontinue their medication without discussing with their GP or Consultant."