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The West / North West Hospitals Group is looking for Volunteers for a Patient Council

The West / North West Hospitals Group is currently looking for people to volunteer to be part of the Patient Council for the Group. The aim of the Patient Council is to work closely with staff in the Hospital Group to improve the experience patients have when using the services of the hospitals in the Group. The West / North West Hospitals Group includes the following hospitals: University Hospital Galway and Merlin Park University Hospital; Sligo Regional Hospital; Letterkenny General Hospital; Mayo General Hospital; Portiuncula Hospital Ballinasloe; and Roscommon Hospital.
Colette Cowan is the Chief Director for Nursing and Midwifery for the Hospital Group and is leading the public and patient involvement plan for the Group and one key element of this is establishing a Patient Council. She said, “It is important that we develop and enhance a “Patient First” culture in all hospitals in the Group. We value the unique experiences that people have when they enter our hospitals and we need their feedback to continuously improve.
“We are committed to involving public and patient participation in the planning and implementation of health care in order to lead to better health outcomes and better quality of care. We have a three year Strategic Plan for “Public and Patient Involvement 2013 – 2015” and setting up a Patient Council is an important step.
“The Patient Council will help us assess the current quality of service, recommend new services or changes required to existing services, review policies and procedures, oversee the development of patient involvement initiatives and help us communicate to the wider population. The Council will meet every two months to plan and agree improvements for the Hospital Group. It is envisaged that between seven and 10 people will sit on the Council to work with the executive team and patient advocacy unit.
“We welcome applications from anyone interested in improving our health services and patients’ experience and we would particularly like to hear from people who have had direct contact with our hospitals as a patient or relative of a patient.
“If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Patient Council or would like to find our more about what the role entails, please call 091 544465 or email me at We are recruiting volunteers for the Patient Council up until Friday 28 February 2014.”
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Colette Cowan, Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery, West / North West Hospitals Group