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Celebrating International Nurses Day at Sligo University Hospital

On International Nurses Day (Thursday 12 May) two Sligo based nurses, who are also cousins, reflect on their experience of nursing as a profession.

Marion Ryder, Director of Nursing in Sligo University Hospital is preparing for retirement next month after 42 years’ service, while her cousin Emily Ryder is just starting her nursing journey in the Emergency Department at the hospital.

Marion is keen to encourage anyone with an interest in people and in learning to consider a nursing career. She said; “I absolutely love nursing and knew from when I was 15 years old that I wanted to be a nurse. It is a challenging and rewarding career, with so many opportunities to develop professionally.

“One thing that stands out for me is that a nurse’s learning environment is always changing, every day is an opportunity to grow our skills and take on new challenges. Just last week at a training event I learned something new, even with 42 years’ experience there is never a day that I’m not learning from my colleagues and from my patients and that’s what makes nursing so exciting for me.

“I have seen huge changes in nursing since I began my career but one thing that has never altered, even in the hardest days, is the support of my colleagues. I have always felt very supported and there is a sense of comraderie and minding one another that helped us through some very difficult times.

“When I look at Emily and the next generation of nurses coming through I so am impressed by their professionalism and commitment to patients, I know the future of nursing is in safe hands.”

Emily Ryder said; “From a young age I was lucky that I always had my heart set on becoming a nurse. There is a strong tradition of nursing in my family with my grandmother, grand aunt and cousin Marion all being nurses. I remember listening to their nursing stories in complete awe and admiration.

“The rewarding nature of the job, my passion to help people, the ability to travel the world with the profession and endless career opportunities all motivated me to become a nurse. What I love most about nursing is meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, working as part of a team and knowing that I always have the support of my colleagues.

“As I start my career I look forward to the opportunity for continuous professional development as there are a wide range of specialities within the nursing profession, some of which I hope to experience. This is an exciting time for me as a newly qualified nurse and I look forward to what my future nursing career holds in store for me.”


Photo Caption: Emily Ryder, Emergency Department Nurse and Marion Ryder, Director of Nursing at Sligo University Hospital

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