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Healing Through Arts

Healing Through Arts

As part of the HSE Staff Health and Well Being initiative, the Saolta University Health Care Group introduced 'Passages' which was a staff initiative which included art workshops and art installations at the seven hospital sites. The initiative recognises  that increased physical activity is key to improving our health but  that health and well-being are also affected by the physical environment in which people live and work, this environment is particularly important for our patients .

Sligo University Hospital staff were invited to submit art work or photos that could be used to enhance the main foyer area. Over 100 submissions were received and the finalists were selected by the Arts Director, Margaret Flannery, Saolta University Health Care Group. The photographs currently exhibited in the foyer were taken by the following staff members: Adrienne Bolton,  Ann Clare Feely, Michelle Griffen, Aidan Lacey and Domhnall McLoughlin in addition a sculpture was created for the main atrium of the hospital.

The sculpture titled ‘Transit' was created and donated to the hospital by local artist  Paraic McGloughlin ably assisted by his father Paraic. The sculpture represents transition from sickness to health and through the process of change, sometimes in our lives we have to reflect and make changes in order to have an enhanced sense of health and well-being.
Paraic states, “The elements are based on a basic structure that united becomes something greater, power in numbers.” Paraic embraced this challenge as he saw it as an opportunity to give something back to his local  hospital that he so often had to attend and was so well treated.

We hope that the addition of artwork and photographs will provide for an uplifting experience for  our patients, staff and members of the public who walk through the hospital foyer.

The article above is specific to the following Saolta hospitals:: 
Sligo University Hospital (SUH)