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Information Event for Volunteers at Mayo University Hospital

Mayo University Hospital (MUH) is hosting an information event for patients and members of the public who are interested in volunteering at hospital.

The event will take place on Wednesday 20 July at 7pm in the Lecture Hall in MUH.

MUH is looking for additional Patient Experience Advisors and Meet and Greet Volunteers in the coming months. People who have experience of being a patient or being a family member of a patient have a wealth of knowledge that can help make services better for everyone. We would like to bring your perspective and lived experience of being a patient or family member into the planning and delivery of hospital services.

Catherine Donohoe, Hospital Manager at Mayo University Hospital said, “Working with Patient Engagement Advisors and Meet and Greet Volunteers is part of an overall hospital commitment to maintain a culture of quality improvement and to enhance safety and quality for patients and their families.

“This will ensure the hospital has strong, meaningful engagement with people who can share first-hand their experiences of being a patient or family member and from that experience can work with the hospital to ensure the patient voice is heard. I would encourage anyone who is interested in sharing their personal experience of being cared for in MUH to come along to the open evening to learn more.”

Rachel Bracken, who is a Patient Experience Advisor at MUH said, “Volunteering as a Patient Experience Advisor is very rewarding and is giving something back. I enjoy helping to shape and make improvements in the hospital from the patient's perspective.”

Fiona McGrath, Physiotherapist Manager-in-Charge added, “Working with Patient Experience Advisors over the last number of years has been a really positive experience and has helped me bring the patient perspective into service development.”

Meet and Greet Volunteers

Meet and greet volunteers are members of the public from various walks of life - what they offer is a willingness to help others accessing acute hospital services. Please consider joining our volunteer team and help us;

  • Give a friendly welcome and a reassuring first impression to all who enter the hospital
  • Assist with accompanying patients to various departments
  • Observe for and offer assistance to people who look lost or unsure of where they are going
  • Provide directions
  • Ensure patients are in the right queue for outpatients/x-ray etc
  • Supply information and answer queries, for example visiting times, shop opening times

Patient Experience Advisors

A Patient Experience Advisor will bring the perspective and lived experience of patients and families directly into the planning, delivery and evaluation of care. The patient is the expert on the quality of the service received, and on how their illness impacts on their daily life. This expertise can provide the hospital with a wealth of information for policy development, new service development, participating on key committees and ensuring we have a constant patient voice in all decision making





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