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The Maternity Whose Shoes Experience

Over 50 people recently attended the Whose Shoes event which was hosted by the Maternity Unit, UHG and facilitated by Croi. This was the first Whose Shoes event to be held in Ireland. The idea behind Whose Shoes is to facilitate discussion on topics related to personalisation in health and social services.

The event included members of the public, volunteer groups, obstetric and neonatal consultants, midwives both local and National and allied health care professionals.

Thoughts and ideas were captured by everyone involved on Post-it notes which were themed and turned into a graphical representation of the discussions that were taking place. This enabled the groups to have an immediate visual summary of the discussions that happened around the room.

To close the event everyone was invited to make a pledge to address one of the major issues that had been highlighted as part of the group discussion.

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University Hospital Galway (UHG)