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Mayo University Hospital’s Pharmacy Team advise ‘Know, Check, Ask’

Mayo University Hospital’s Pharmacy Team advise ‘Know, Check, Ask’

The Pharmacy team in Mayo University Hospital are reminding the public to ‘Know, Check, Ask’ when it comes to managing their medication.

They are asking the public to:

  • Know your medicines and keep a list, bringing it to appointments and if admitted to hospital
  • Check that you are using the right medicine the right way
  • Ask your healthcare professional if you’re unsure

Commenting Ivan Mulligan, Medication Safety Pharmacist and Acting Chief Pharmacist at Mayo University Hospital said, “We all have an important role to play in ensuring medication safety. We are reminding anyone taking medication to check to ensure that they are using it in the right way and if they are unsure, they should ask a health professional.

“It is also really important that people keep a list of their medications and if they are admitted to hospital that they bring it with them. It helps us help patients, by ensuring they continue to receive all medications they are on. Patients should check with their pharmacist or doctor if they have any questions about their medication.

“As we approach the Christmas period, it is also important that people ensure that they have filled their prescriptions to ensure they have the medications they need.”

The article above is specific to the following Saolta hospitals:: 
Mayo University Hospital (MUH)