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Sligo University Hospital launches Calorie Posting Policy as part of HSE’s Healthy Ireland Policy

Sligo University Hospital launches Calorie Posting Policy as part of HSE’s Healthy Ireland Policy

Sligo University Hospital officially launched their Calorie Posting Policy on Wednesday, 01 March, 2017. As part of the HSE’s Healthy Ireland Policy, Sligo University Hospital began rolling out the HSE Calorie Positing Policy back in October 2015 and introduced a 6 Phase Plan to complete this process for all hot and cold food items and beverages in the staff canteen/coffee dock.  By December 2015 phase 1 was implemented which outlined the calorie content for all breakfast items displayed and by the end of 2016 all phases of the project were implemented. 
The development and implementation of a Calorie Posting Policy is an important initiative supporting two key policy priority programmes  – Healthy Eating and Active Living, and Staff Health and Wellbeing. The purpose of this Policy is to promote awareness and increase consumption of healthier food and drink choices amongst HSE staff and the public using and visiting HSE healthcare facilities, by highlighting the calorie content of food and drinks provided in HSE facilities.
Commenting on the success and eagerness of the staff at Sligo University Hospital in implementing the HSE policy on calorie posting, Grainne McCann, General Manager, said “Calorie Posting is a key element of the HSE’s Healthy Ireland Policy.  Research suggests that when menus display calories, people eat 6% less calories each day.  Calorie posting focuses on displaying calories at the point of choice on food and beverages.  It recognises that putting calories on menus makes the healthier choice the easier choice.  This policy will make our staff and visitors more aware of the calories in the food they eat and provide information regarding healthy eating options which in turn leads to healthier lifestyles.” 

Managing weight and obesity is a public health priority. It is recognised that no single initiative will reverse the growing obesity trend, but a combination of measures, one of which is calorie posting on restaurant menus, should make a difference.  This initiative in Sligo University Hospital is a move towards addressing this national priority.   

Patricia Lee, Services Manager, Sligo University Hospital commented, “Celebrating the launch of the Calorie Posting Policy was testimony to the fusion of effort and energy of staff from different Departments within and external to Sligo University Hospital coming together to drive our Healthy Ireland agenda.  As chair of the calorie posting subgroup, I had an easy task supporting the implementation of Calorie posting.   I was most fortunate to be surrounded by a very determined, creative and motivated team with a firm belief in putting the calorie information out there to inform, and hopefully change eating habits”.  

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