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Elderly Medicine & Stroke Unit

Hospital Location: 
Mayo University Hospital
Floor Level: 
2nd Floor
094 9042695 / 094 9042696

Follow Andrew's Stroke Journey in Mayo University Hospital


Elderly Medicine is a 22 bedded medical ward, consisting of three 6 bedded areas, and 4 single rooms, one of which is an isolation room.

One of the 6 bedded wards is an acute stroke unit. Patients admitted with a stroke or developing a stroke in-house are admitted to the stroke unit  and stay in Elderly Medicine for the duration of their stay in MUH.

Ward Team

CNM 2                 

CNM 1                         

Staff Nurses

Health care Assistant 

Clerical Officer             

Multidisciplinary Team              


CNS in Stroke  Care                                          



Social Worker


Occupational Therapist                 

Speech and Language Therapist.  

CNS Infection Control                    

Respiratory Nurse                         

CNS Oncology/Palliative                

Resuscitation Officer                    

Liaison Public Health Nurse           

Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse

CNS Diabetes                               

Pastoral Care

We have 13 medical consultants each with their own area of interest


Medical conditions treated on Elderly Medicine include those related to:

Stroke Care

Cardiac system                                       

Respiratory System                                 

Endocrine system                                                                                    

Nervous system

Circulatory system

Problems related to ageing


Detox. Programmes

Digestive/Excretory systems

Musculoskeletal system

Thoracic system