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Health Promotion Department

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Sligo University Hospital
071 9174548

About Us

Health Promotion is an intregal part of our prevention and management programme for persons with a range of illnesses and chronic disease. Health Promotion is seen as an intrinsic part of the culture and services provided by Sligo General Hospital. Staff are assisted to underake and active role in the promotion of their own health, that of their patients and the wider coummunity. As a full member of the Health Promoting Hospitals Network, the hospital sets its objectives in line with the objectives of the Network. The increasing prevalence of lifestyle related and chronic diseases require a more expanded scope and systemic provision of activities such as therapeutic education, effective communication strageties so as to enable patients to take an active role in chroinc diseased management or motivational counselling.

The Department

  • Assesses Health Promotion needs, in line with best practice, and research.
  • Plans, develops, implements and evaluates Health promotion programmes.
  • Provide Health Information for staff/patients/public in information stands throughout the Hospital. Co-ordinate  Health Promotion events and public seminars as a means of promoting awareness on health related issues.Include health promotion activities in hospital newsletter’ Our Times’.
  • Takes a lead role in implementing the various projects agreed with the national Health promoting Hospitals Network.
  • Works in partnership with all hospital services/external agencies which include common areas of interest in order to promote a culture that supports the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and visitors.

Services we offer

Health Promotion Support:

  • Manage the dissemination of Health Promotion materials in Sligo General Hospital;
  • Provide a Smoking Cessation Servive for Staff/Patients/Public.
  • Provide Health promotion support and guidance to  all specialities and assists with initiatives planned by their service.
  • Support Staff with communication and marketing of planned events and theme days, including evaluation of events..
  • Assist staff with publication of articles and advise on various communication tools available.
  • Circulate relavent documents policies/strategies etc to staff as they become available.

Health Promotion Training:

  • Provides training on brief intervention, motivational interviewing, skills training, smoking cessation and lifestyle change.
  • Provide breastfeeding training .
  • Provide cultural diversity  training
  • Provide interpreter training on the use of the Emergency Multilingual Aid.
  • Provide training on healthy eating and physical activity.


  • Circulate Health Promotion material policies/strageties to staff as they become available..
  • Circulate Our Times (Hospital Newsletter) throughout the Hospital/PCCC and other interested parties.
  • Write up to date reports for Health Promotion Hospital Network including (1)Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative(2),Breastfeeding Supportive Workplace Initaitive (3),Smoke Free Hospital Initaitive(4)Hospital Challenge Day(5)Happy Heart.
  • Provide Performance Indicators to the Regional Co-Ordinators.
  • Provide  smoking cessation programme  to Staff/Patients/Public including maintainence of  a data base, appointments , evaluations ,consumer feedback,and Audits.

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Health Promotion
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