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Maternity Antenatal and Breastfeeding Classes

Hospital Location: 
Sligo University Hospital
071 9174608

Antenatal and Breastfeeding Classes 
Antenatal classes resumed in March 2021. To book a class, please call or text 086 042 7482.

Breastfeeding Buddies 
Click here for Breastfeeding buddies, mothers offering support to new mothers in Sligo, Leitrim and the surrounding areas.

Tour of Maternity Services
Click here to view a virtual tour of the Maternity Services in Sligo University Hospital.

Free Online Courses

Journey to Birth
Prepare your body and mind for birth with research-based advice and learn effective strategies for coping with labour. Go to:

Women’s Health After Motherhood
Learn how to take care of your physical and mental health after giving birth and feel supported during the postpartum period. Go to:   

Resources for Pregnancy and Postnatal Period
Please click here for a list of useful websites and telephone numbers.