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Sligo Acute Assessment Unit

Hospital Location: 
Sligo University Hospital

The Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) is a unit for medical and emergency patients who have been referred by their GP or Emergency Department to undergo further assessment.

The Acute Assessment Unit situated on Level 3 of the hospital provides an environment for initial assessment, stabilisation, close monitoring and initiation of treatment of medical and surgical patients (aged 16 and older). It functions as the interface between primary care as the first point of contact and inpatient care in hospital. The Acute Assessment Unit comprises of an 8 bay area. The target length of stay is that 95% of patients would be seen/assessed and either transferred or discharged within 6 hours.

The Acute Assessment Unit provides Acute Medical/Surgical care where by:

Patients are assessed and a course of treatment determined.

Acute presenting medical and surgical patients are looked after in an appropriate environment where they are assessed, their condition stabilised and treatment initiated prior to being transferred/discharged as appropriate.

In line with the recommendations from National Clinical Programme, every effort is made to ensure an efficient flow of patients through the Acute floor including the Emergency Department, Acute Assessment Unit and the adjacent Short Stay Unit. The rationale for this is to enable a streamlined process that will optimise early intervention and treatment, avoid duplication and reduce patient experience times and length of stay.

The AAU Unit operates between 8.00am and 7.30pm Monday to Friday. Last referral to the unit is 7.30pm Monday to Thursday and 5.30pm on Friday. Late referrals/arrivals to AAU will be directed to the Emergency Department for assessment.