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Staff Engagement Committee

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"Staff are engaged when they feel valued, are emotionally connected, fully involved, enthusiastic and committed to providing a good service...when each person knows that what they say matters and makes a difference"

Roadmap for Organisational Excellence, from the bedside to management team (PowerPoint Presentation)

The Staff Engagement Forum was formed as part of the Mayo University Hospital commitment to Quality Improvement. Members were chosen from a cohort of staff who responded to expression of interest in joining the forum. The forum is a proportional representation of the staff in Mayo University Hospital.The forum hopes to identify what matters to staff in terms of engagement. 

The formal launch was held in September 2017 with great success.  Having gathered suggestions on how to improve communication between all levels of staff the group want to promote a culture of respect for each other and help create a positive working environment.

The forum held an update & feedback morning in January 2018 for all the staff in MUH and, going forward, plan to do so on a quarterly basis.

The committee meets on a monthly basis and are forming sub groups to focus on communication and values in action.

The forum present at monthly meetings to the Hospital Management Team.

We welcome and encourage feedback, suggestions or opportunities from our staff. Staff may email their feedback to

To learn more about our Staff Engagement Forum please download our Staff Engagement Forum Information Leaflet

The HSE National Staff Engagement Website contains excellent information and resources.

We Aim To...

  • Lead in creating a positive and effective communication between all staff regardless of their position
  • Promote a positive working environment for staff
  • Set up and strengthen two way engagement with staff and hospital management
  • Create a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for engagement in all staff

Staff Engagement Open Day