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Rapid Access Lung Clinic

Our Rapid Access Lung Clinic opened in Galway University Hospital 2010 as a National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) initiative.

We provide high-quality care for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Your family doctor (GP) might refer you to our clinic depending on your symptoms. 

We aim to assess you within 10 days of receiving a referral from your GP or Healthcare provider.

Your GP might refer you to our Rapid Access Lung Clinic if you have some of these symptoms:

  • A cough that doesn't go away or a change in a long-term cough
  • Coughing up blood- stained phlegm
  • Repeated chest infections that won't go away even after antibiotics
  • A hoarse voice
  • Pain in your chest, especially when you cough or breathe in
  • Persistent difficulty breathing
  • Unexplained loss of weight or appetite 
  • Swelling around your face and neck

We will confirm an appointment with you after we get a referral letter from your GP.

Meet the Team

Our Rapid Access Lung Team includes:

  • Dr David Breen, Lung Cancer Lead Physician / Consultant Pulmonologist
  • Ms Imelda Fleming, Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Ms Janet Clince, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Ms Claire Kelly, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Ms Jacinta Murphy, Staff Nurse
  • Ms Nainsi Corcoran, Rapid Access Lung Patient Navigator
  • Ms Cora Hallinan, Rapid Access Lung Cancer Coordinator

Attending our Rapid Access Lung Clinic

One of our nurses will meet you and assess you at your first visit to the clinic.  Our nurses know that this first meeting can be a difficult time for you and will support you during this time. 

You will then meet with Dr Breen.  He will discuss a follow up plan with you including any tests you might need to have. 

We will organise some tests for you as part of your first assessment, such as:

Depending on the results of your tests, you might need to have extra tests, such as:

Click here to read our patient information booklet:
How to contact us 

Opening Hours: Our Rapid Access Lung Clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm.
Phone (Nurses): 091 542234 or 087 7024370 or 091 893457
Phone (Appointments): 091 731462

Where to find us 
Our outpatient appointments take place at two locations in Galway University Hospitals, depending on your type of appointment:

  • Saolta Radiation Oncology Centre, University Hospital Galway

This is where our Outpatient Rapid Access Lung Clinics take place.

  • Unit 8, Merlin Park University Hospital Galway

You may need to have respiratory tests here.We advise that you bring a book or headphones when you are coming to Unit 8, Merlin Park as your appointment may take a number of hours.

Saolta Radiation Oncology Centre
Saolta Radiation Oncology Centre, University Hospital Galway, Newcastle Road, Galway

Directions: From the main entrance to University Hospital Galway on the Newcastle Road, turn left and keep left for approximately 500 metres. The Radiation Oncology Centre is located on the right, before the Cancer Care West, Inis Aoibhinn building. 

From the Browne Roundabout, enter through the back gate of University Hospital Galway.  Take the first right turn and continue for approximately 450 metres. The Radiation Oncology Centre is located on the left, after the Cancer Care West, Inis Aoibhinn building.


Parking: We would advise visitors to arrive early for their visits/appointments. There are 5 public car parks on site. 

University Hospital Galway is accessible by public transport:
We would advise patients and visitors to use public transport where possible as parking is limited on site. 
Unit 8, Merlin Park University Hospital Galway

Address: Unit 8, Merlin Park University Hospital Galway, Old Dublin Road, Galway

Directions: Enter the avenue for Merlin Park Hospital, drive straight for approximately 900 metre. Turn right and follow the signs for Unit 8. 

Parking: There are construction works going on beside Unit 8 at the moment.  Patients are advised to park in one of the other units nearby.  Unit 2, unit 6, unit 7 or at Hospital One where there are some parking spaces.

Merlin Park University Hospital is accessible by public transport:

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