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LUH Cancer Services

Letterkenny University Hospital

The staff working in the Cancer Services at Letterkenny University Hospital are here to help you through your treatment for cancer.  We are committed to providing you with the best care we possibly can.  We aim to treat you with respect, dignity and sensitivity. 

We know that the diagnosis of cancer can be difficult and we want to provide you with the support and advice you need during this time.

There are a number of cancer services involved in your care at Letterkenny University Hospital.  You may have to attend more than one service. 

We will develop a treatment plan for you if you are diagnosed with cancer. 

Your treatment may be given to you in the Haematology Oncology Day Unit or In-patient ward. 

You may also need surgery or radiotherapy.  This would involve travelling to another hospital outside of County Donegal to have this treatment.

We might give you other anti-cancer medications such as injections or tablets in the Haematology Oncology Day Unit or In-patient ward. 

Oncology/Haematology In-patient Ward

The Oncology/Haematology In-patient Ward provides care for patients with cancer and blood related disorders and complications.  We aim to provide a high quality standard of care, whilst maintaining dignity, independence and quality of life. The ward is situated on Floor B along from the Junction restaurant.

Oncology/Haematology In-Patient Ward contact number - 074 910 4437

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