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Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT)

If you have cancer, your consultant may recommend that you are treated with Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) in one of our Haematology Oncology Day Wards. 

SACT is any drug treatment used to control or treat cancer.  The drug treatment types may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy or a combination of these.

Your SACT will be given by a specially qualified SACT nurse. SACT is given in many ways, including:

  • by mouth - as tablets or capsules
  • by infusion directly into a vein (intravenous) - this can be given by using a syringe or by an infusion bag (drip)
  • by an injection directly under the skin (sub-cutaneous)
  • by continuous infusion using a special infuser (multi-day infusor)

Our oncology day wards are open plan with a number of reclining seats.  

Saolta Group Haematology Oncology Day Wards are located at:

University Hospital Galway Haematology Oncology Day Ward 

Letterkenny University Hospital Oncology Day Unit 

Sligo University Hospital Oncology Day Unit 

Portiuncula University Hospital Oncology Department

Mayo University Hospital Oncology Day Unit