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HIQA report Letterkenny University Hospital September 2016

HIQA report Letterkenny University Hospital

Quality Improvement Plan
HIQA QIP University Hospital Galway September 2016

HIQA report unannounced Monitoring Assessment at University Hospital Galway.

Quality Improvement Plan
Sick Leave Communications Pack

Public Service Sick Leave Scheme Communications Pack

HR Forms
Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (TRR)

Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (formerly known as Pension Rate of Pay) can be paid where the individual concerned has the service required for an ill health retirement pension AND there is a reasonable prospect that the individual will be a

HR Forms
Occupational Health Referral Form

Occupational Health Referral Form attached for the following hospitals:

  • Galway University Hospitals
  • Mayo University Hospital
  • Roscommon University Hospital
HR Forms
Long Term Absence Forms

1.1 The purpose of these Guidelines is to set out the provisions pertaining to the longterm absence benefit schemes that apply in the HSE.

HR Forms
Injury Grant Scheme

The Injury Grant Scheme is an allowance that is paid to employees injured in the discharge of their duties, without their own default and by some injury attributable solely to the nature of their duties.

HR Forms
Integrated Diabetes Care Conference

HSE Diabetes Services Advisory Group in association with Croi, the West of Ireland Cardiac/Stroke Charity

Invitation to the 9th WEST OF IRELAND INTEGRATED DIABETES CARE CONFERENCE ‘Improving Diabetes Care in the West’.


Saolta e-Newsletter - issue 27 (Summer 2016)

Issue 27 of the Saolta University Health Care Group Newsletter

Inside this issue:

Roscommon University Hospital QIP September 2015 Update Quality Improvement Plan